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Computer skills, web skills, soft skills and hand skills. Well, you could get yourself a true cross-functional human, ready to take on almost any task.
I like to dig deep into details for every thing. Yes, it might take some time to get familiar with something but once I do, there is only solution-forward from that point on.



  • Image manipulation – Adobe Photoshop
  • Vector image manipulation – Corel Draw (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Web design – Adobe Photoshop


  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • SQL
  • e – Commerce


  • Git
  • Jira & Confluence

Soft skills

  • Flexible
  • Forward thinking
  • Problem-solving oriented
  • Resourceful
  • Effective in communication

Hand skills

  • Vinyl stickers and car wraps (have worked in the industry for various years).
  • Dry wall know how (Personal home complete renovation).
  • Chainsaw know how (You got to cut down some trees to build yourself a comfortable outdoor lounge).
  • Floor laying (laminate and vinyl).
  • Hand tools are no mystery to me (Have worked at door and window manufacturer. Oh, complete home renovation also).
  • Electric wiring (Even though they say that electricity is the only B* that does not let to be touched).
  • And above all, you show me the tools, give me a quick tour, and I’ll use them.

Want to know if those skills produced anything?

You are welcome to check it out at the Worked On section.
Disclaimer: If not enough content yet, I’ll fill it up ASAP (is it not funny how ASAP sounds like NOW, but if I would say As Soon As Possible it would actually mean that?? 🙂

Where do I want to go?

Well, my main focus is in IT branch. So yes, my computer skills need enhancements.
How do I plan to achieve this? By constant learning and developing.

Developing? I heard developing!

Yes, developing my skills. But it is true that I have also started with various developing courses. Firstly, Web Development – HTML/CSS/JS. And it is the JavaScript that I believe can take me somewhere. Can’t wait to get to Vue, React and Angular. You will soon be able to follow my projects on GitHub.


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Začelo se je leta 2007. Ob pivu ali dveh, s kolegom g. Štepcem, je padla ideja o ustanovitvi podjetja, v katerem bi se ukvarjali z grafičnim oblikovanjem, polepitvami in nego vozil. Zadeva se je dokaj hitro realizirala. Nastalo je solastniško podjetje PoglejPoglej.
Kot novopečenemu solastniku podjetja sem imel pred sabo veliko novih izzivov. Z veseljem sem jih sprejel. Do tega obdobja je bil moj stik z grafiko le bežen. V obdobju mojega aktivnega delovanja v podjetju pa sem se z vsakim mesecem bolj razvil. Vsak nov projekt je prinesel nekaj novega, nova spoznanja in znanja. Do leta 2012, ko sem podjetje zapustil, pa je bilo projektov veliko. Vsak od njih je pustil na meni poseben pečat.
Podjetje PoglejPoglej uspešno deluje še danes.