Car Target Group (Okt 2018 – Present)


IT support, product manager

  • Partner communication,
  • Internal team communication,
  • Project specifications,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Troubleshooting.

At Car Target Group, days are pumped with action. From maintaining and supporting live projects (project parts) to specifying new project requirements that are yet to be integrated. Partner communication is also a crucial part of all the changes that are to be applied as the integration of software needs to be aligned on both sides.
As a side task, I also take part in modifying the already developed bits of code in order to provide some display and usability fixes.

BD Group (March 2015 – May 2018)


Head of printing

  • Planning and organizing printing process,
  • Design and graphics preparation,
  • Color preparation.

At BD Group, I was in charge of the printing process from the moment of receiving the order to getting the printed towels to sewing. Days were action packed with preparing the designs, maintaining printing machines and printing the actual designs to material.

Poglej Poglej (2007 – 2012)




  • Graphics design,
  • UX design,
  • Commercial posters,
  • Web design – HTML/CSS, WordPress, Drupal,
  • Car wrapping.

Poglej Poglej is a special part of my life. It began as an idea with a friend of mine. We should start a company – and so we did. This was my first “professional” step in to the world of design and web development. Fun times getting to know it all. From here on, nothing was the same again.

Various jobs that I took part in between

  • High pressure valve assembly and quality control,
  • CNC operator,
  • Doors and windows assembly,
  • Soft package printing,
  • …and so much more.